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Naturepedic's organic mattresses, bedding, and other products are loved by parents, doctors and independent evaluators alike, and have won more awards than any other mattress company. Some charge fees for their work in reviewing and evaluating products. Some receive complimentary or discounted products in exchange for their honest reviews. Please note that not every award applies to every product.

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Naturepedic's Environmental Commitment Statement

Naturepedic is committed to protecting the environment through the materials sourced, products created, and business practices used. Read More.


Disclaimer: Naturepedic carries many certifications, awards, approvals, and recommendations. Naturepedic also belongs to various professional associations and participates in various environmental and sustainability advocacy initiatives. Naturepedic financially supports some of these organizations that share its mission of improving health and safety. Some of these organizations provide endorsements and certification programs in their operations, and some charge fees for their work in reviewing and evaluating products in connection with those programs. Some charge a licensing fee for use of their trademarks and service marks. Naturepedic has paid any applicable fees.

Naturepedic makes no "general" or "unqualified" environmental claims regarding any of its products, and attempts to meet and exceed all the standards in the FTC Green Guides. Not all Naturepedic certifications, awards, approvals, and recommendations apply to all Naturepedic products. Naturepedic does not display or otherwise use any logos which do not directly apply to Naturepedic. Naturepedic makes no medical claims regarding any of its products. For more information, please contact Naturepedic Customer Service: cs@naturepedic.com or 1-800-917-3342.